Welcome to my website!

My name is Lucy and I am a children's and family outdoor photographer, based in Newcastle under Lyme, Staffordshire.

I have always enjoyed photography, however, when my daughter was born in 2016 I realised how important it truly was. I picked up a camera in the attempt to capture that precious time and I haven't put it down since. From then Turtle & Beau Photography was born and I have been capturing natural, pure and timeless artwork for families in the area ever since.

I believe in this day and age we do not print and display images of our family and children enough so my passion and aim is to create large, conservation standard, high quality artwork pieces that can be passed down the generations and displayed centre stage in the home for years to come.

six random facts about just because

  • Pizza is my guilty pleasure. I could eat it everyday.
  • I fell off Barmouth pier as a kid and smashed my head on the rocks on the way down. As a nice little souvenir I now have a Harry Potter thunderbolt like scar on my forehead, which is kind of cool I guess!
  • I've been a vegetarian since the age of about 5, which is when I just refused to eat any meat, despite my whole family being meat eaters. No idea why I suddenly came to that conclusion, but I haven't eaten it since!
  • I have developed awful Hayfever over the past few years, so I am probably in the wrong job being an outdoor children's photographer! I will no doubt be dosed up to the max with antihistamines whilst shooting! Apologies if `I start sniffling away!
  • I called my business Turtle & Beau Photography because my daughter, whilst I was trying to name my business, decided she absolutely loved turtles. It was her first 'long word' and she used to pronounce it "tur-tel" which was ridiculously cute. It just seemed so right and as her middle name is Beau it kind of just came to be. So Turtle and Beau it was! It's a bit unusual and people often ask me why, but I would never change it because it's just so my daughter...if that makes sense? I love it!